Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wire/Flowered Headband or Circlet



This headband is quick to make and really pretty for spring. The same technique can be quickly adapted to make this into a circlet. It isn't as sturdy as a plastic headband, but stays in place. Think of it more as something for special occasions.

Here are the supplies:

 1. I have no idea what you call this wire. I found it in the floral section of both JoAnn's and Michaels. It comes in green and brown. At least those are the colors my local shops had.
2. I then bought several floral picks at JoAnn's. The reason I went with floral picks is that they are made out of wire. If you want to use other kinds of flowers, you will have to glue them to the finished band, whereas these can be wrapped around it using the wire.
3. Pliers
4. Wire Cutters

Cut two pieces of wire 36 inches each. This will make a standard 16 inch headband. Take one wire and fold it in half. Wrap the other wire around this bent one approximate 1.5 inches up from the end. Wrap it at least 4 times, because the other end will end up having 3 or 4 wraps and you want the ends to look similar.
Now start "braiding." During this step, I think "inside/outside." You twist the first two wires from left to right, then the last two. Twist them three times so that each time you do this part, the wires that move to positions 2 and 3 change. Then twist wires 2 and 3 together three times.

Repeat this until you are about 1.5 inches away from where you want the headband to end, approximate 14.5 inches of this "braiding."
Once you get to the other end, wrap only wires 1 and 2 and make a bend in whichever one ends up being longer.
Wrap the remaining three wires around the end of that bend, securing it. 
Trim off the little extra bits so that the ends of the wire will all be on one side of the band. Make sure when you bend the band to shape that these little ends are on the outside, not against your head. Use your pliers to flatten them down so they won't scratch. You can also cover this end with glue or glue some fabric over it if you are worried they might be scratchy.
Here are the views of both ends:
Here is a view of the band:
Bend the completed band into the shape of a headband:
Use the picks, which you can take apart, to embellish the headband however you want:

Detail of embellishments on the band:

If you instead want to make a circlet, fold one end of the band into a hook. Make sure you have made the complete band large enough to fit on your head.
Hook the band together and shape it into a circle:
Add your embellishments:

Detail of embellishments on circlet:

And that is it! I think these are lovely and am so glad that I got this request!