Sunday, November 16, 2008

Popsicles!!! And thread...

I'm getting really close to shooting the popsicle-stick purse video. I've actually finished with almost all of the over-the-shoulder shots. In the next week or two I'll be doing the shots from the front and then editing, so should have it up in early December.

And I'm working on the next project already! I've been figuring out how to make these threaded pendant/earings that I saw at a belly dancing show a few weeks ago and I think I've almost cracked it. Here's what the ones I've made are looking like:

[caption id="attachment_36" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="The threaded pendant on copper wire."]The threaded pendant on copper wire.[/caption]

Not bad! And pretty easy. So far, one of the biggest problems is that it takes really good eyesight. Luckily I can take my glasses off and see what I'm doing. Reminds me of the string art wall hanging things that were popular in the 1970s.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Popsicle-Stick Project Continues

I'm sorry I haven't recorded a podcast in a few weeks! I've been trying to get the next video together and have been spending all of my time glueing popsicle sticks together. I keep learning more and more as I glue, so I hope the video will be really informative.

What I'm doing now is getting a bunch of projects together in various stages of completion so when I sit down to record the video in the next week or two, I'll be able to do the whole thing at once and won't have to wait for things to dry. I'll say, "Now you wait for this to dry," and I'll have one already dry that I can pick up and keep going. Just like a cooking show where you don't really see them cooking. They already have one in the oven ready to pull out.

My tally of popsicle sticks purchased is up to 3900! I've only used short of 2900 of them so far (all right, not that many because a lot of them are wonky and need to be pitched, or at least put aside for future use where wonky sticks will work). I'll have all of my prototypes finished in the next day or two, so then just a matter of when I have a free day and a good hair day at the same time so I can film the video!

My living room looks a little something like Santa's workshop right now. If Santa made everything from popsicle sticks...

I'll try to podcast next week. Or at least write a note to let you know how things are going and what I'm up to!