Saturday, February 11, 2017

Boston Terrier Painting, also sort of for sale!

I finished painting another one of my friends' dogs. Lily. A Boston terrier. And I tszujed it up and put it on Zazzle. So far, just on shirts.
Lily Shirt

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pug (Painting) For Sale! (sort of)

A good friend of mine has a pug named Zuul. (She also has a pug named Vinz, but I'm not talking about him right now.) I decided to paint Zuul and I liked the result well enough that I've put the painting on Zazzle. Right now you might only be able to get it on a shopping tote. I think I've added in the option to get it on a shirt. Zazzle has all sorts of items, but I can't quite figure out if my painting is currently limited or if you could get it on a mug or phone case or whatever else they sell.

If you want to buy something besides a tote with Zuul on it, let me know and I'll go into the shop and set it up for you on the other item.

Here's the link: