Monday, August 25, 2008

The Cat Scratcher Project - Supplies and First PodCast!!

So here it is, my very first podcast. Enjoy!

Craft Chat 1 Cat Scratcher Supplies


New Project: Re-Covering the Cat Scratcher
I. Inspiration
a. Cost of a new scratcher
b. I'm crafty!
II. Phase one: Assembling Supplies
a. Carpet Remnants
i. Stores not open on Sundays
ii. Dumpster Diving
iii. Area Rugs
b. Cutting Implements
i. Kitchen Shears
ii. Utility Tool – Saw, Wire Cutter, Shears in one
c. Pliers
d. Screw Driver
e. Staple Gun
f. Vacuum
g. Sharpie